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Offering great rates and low fees is only part of what Bank5 Connect is all about. As one of America’s top-rated online banks, we’ve been delivering exceptional value to our customers since Bank5 Connect was created in 2013. But we’ve been in the banking business much longer than that. Bank5 Connect is an online division of BankFive, a trusted community bank based in Massachusetts that’s been serving customers since 1855.

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We know how important it is to be able to get quick answers from your bank. That’s why our customer service team is staffed by real people right here in Massachusetts who have the knowledge and training to get you the answers you need, without the long hold times that other online banks are known for. With Bank5 Connect, real help is just a phone call, chat message or email away. 

And as a Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF) member bank, we give our customers the assurance of 100% deposit insurance, meaning all Bank5 Connect customer deposits are insured in full, above FDIC limits.
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