Our customer service difference.

All online banks are not created equal.

Bank5 Connect was born from a community bank with a longstanding tradition of providing personal service to its neighbors. The way we see it, the “neighborhood” we serve online may be broader than that of our parent company, BankFive, but our commitment to service is still the cornerstone of everything we do.

At Bank5 Connect, you’re always just a call or click away from speaking with an experienced customer service representative, located right here in the U.S., who can answer questions and offer advice. As an online bank with a focus on service, we’re here when our customers need us most.

Quicker responses from real people.

We’ve built a reputation as a different kind of bank. You won’t experience hour-long hold times here, and you won’t reach overseas agents or chatbots when you contact us. Instead, you’ll get one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service experts who are dedicated to answering your questions and meeting your needs.

Meet Our Team:



Jeff's 15+ years of banking experience have led him to his current role of Digital Banking Center Manager. When he's not leading the Bank5 Connect Call Center team, you can usually find him golfing, fishing, shopping or just hanging out with family and friends (or his goats, chickens, dogs and cats).


Kyle has more than 6 years of banking experience. When he's not assisting Bank5 Connect customers, he can be found watching the NFL network or playing basketball and soccer. He also enjoys a good steak. But whatever you do, don't give him any olives. There's no food he hates more.


Elizabeth brings more than 34 years of banking experience to the table, and when she's not helping Bank5 Connect customers, you can typically find her playing with her granddaughter, binge-watching comedy TV, or enjoying some homemade chicken soup.


Keith has more than 6 years of banking experience. As a child he dreamed of becoming a superhero or a lighthouse keeper, but "none of that panned out," he says, "so banking was the next logical step." And when Keith's not manning the Bank5 Connect phone and chat lines he enjoys reading, running and finding the perfect meme for any scenario.


Cynthia is fluent in both English and French Creole, and has more that 12 years of banking experience under her belt. She can also paint! When she's not taking calls from Bank5 Connect customers, she enjoys spending time with her grandbabies, cozying up with a good book, or listening to some R&B or jazz music.


Margarida has more than 17 years of banking experience and is fluent in both English and Portuguese. In her time off from Bank5 Connect she likes spending quality time with her family and watching Netflix (comedy and romance are her go-to genres). And when she needs a vacation, her first choice is always a cruise.


Martha brings more than 17 years of banking experience to the Bank5 Connect team. When she's not helping our customers she enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, watching a good movie with a cup of tea and spending time with her dog, Ace. She also likes classic rock and country music. Her least favorite food? Kale.


Zach is the newest addition to the Bank5 Connect team, and we're lucky to have him! When he's not answering the phones, you'll likely find him hanging out with his kids and his dog, Lucy. Buffalo wings are his all-time favorite food, but you'll never finding him eating a pineapple. Yuck.

Don't just take our word for it.

Rated 4 out of 10 based on 400 reviews. See some of the reviews here.
January 13
Bank5 Connect is the G.O.A.T
Best banking choice I have ever made was switching to Bank5 Connect. Their customer service is second to none. I currently bank with Barclays, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity. Bank5 Connect has the shortest hold time by far and the most helpful staff. Their staff is willing to go above and beyond to make sure their customers are taken care of.
June 16
They are very nice and considerat over…
They are very nice and considerat over the phone and are quick to get what problem u have solved fast
May 19
I am a new customer and so far I am…
I am a new customer and so far I am very pleased with everyone I have spoken with. In addition, my debit card and checks arrived promptly.
February 23
We had a nice chat about my account and…
We had a nice chat about my account and a few good laughs.
Another happy customer
February 23
This is a great bank
This is a great bank. Easy to sign up. Customer service is always there. The 2 year investment CD is my favorite. Above average interest rate.
Billy Dee
February 12
Very professional and beneficial phone…
Very professional and beneficial phone service
January 06
Great Bank/Excellent Service
Great bank. Very convenient. Been a customer for 3 or 4 years with no branches available to me, but works great anyway. Out of network ATM fees are reimbursed and online interface and support is very good.
January 05
Best customer service
Best customer service! Never a long wait, always puts the customer first, very personable and knowledgeable. Should be the standard for all customer service teams aspire towards.
Happy Customer
January 05
The customer service employee I worked…
The customer service employee I worked with was very helpful and patient. Thank you!
Harvey Marsh
December 04
So far so good
So far so good
November 11
Great customer service
I opened a CD account and I got a follow up email asking for more information. I replied back with the requested information and my account was opened. It was a quick turnaround time. I decided to open a checking and savings account. Their response time was quick as well. I appreciate the steps they take in order to confirm your identity when opening an online account.
November 03
Excellent bank!
Excellent bank with first-class customer service!!!
gur piraj
November 02
So far so good
So far so good
October 14
A High-5 for Bank5!
So far, I'm really digging this bank. I'm giving Bank5 a High-5
Brad Kennington
October 12
Always easy to get support and answers…
Always easy to get support and answers I need
October 06
Very professional and beneficial phone…
Very professional and beneficial phone service
October 06
I have had my account for almost 2…
I have had my account for almost 2 years. Customer service has been great. It's always somebody that you can understand, not somebody oversees that speaks English as a secondary language. They go above and beyond to verify I am the actual account holder before giving out confidential information. I've been very happy with Bank 5! Highly recommended!
September 22
Very Professional polite and efficient.
Very Professional polite and efficient. Just a pleasure.
Albert Them
September 15
The phone representative answered my…
The phone representative answered my questions completely.
September 08
Great rates and friendly customer…
Great rates and friendly customer service
September 01
Just to let you know every time I do…
Just to let you know every time I do call for any reason the staff is very polite and goes out of their way to help. Thank You

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