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Get cash back on everyday purchases at participating retailers.

Our debit card rewards program offers cash back on offers found within Online Banking*

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How does it work?:

  • Purchase Rewards is easy to use. Offers are available within your existing Online Banking and Mobile Banking account, so you don't need to remember another username and password, or log into another website to activate and redeem offers.

  • It's easy to get started with Purchase Rewards. It is automatically available to debit card holders in Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Just log into Online Banking or the Bank5 Connect mobile app and click to enroll!

  • You can earn cash rewards, which are deposited directly into your Bank5 Connect Checking account.

  • Because the program provides cash rewards, you don't have to keep track of reward points or worry about your points expiring.

  • Rewards are easy to earn. Just log into your account, activate the offers that appeal to you, make qualifying purchases at those retailers, and wait for your cash back!

  • For more specific details about our Purchase Rewards program, visit our FAQs page.


*Online Banking is required in order to enroll in the Purchase Rewards program and activate Purchase Rewards offers. If you are a Bank5 Connect customer who has not yet set up your Online Banking account, please contact us for assistance. 

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